The importance of choosing the right keywords

So now, let’s talk about keywords! As you know, Google Play’s algorithm picks up keywords from the app’s description, much like how keywords are found on website pages for SEO.You should add your keywords in the description so it sounds natural. Remember that keywords in the above-the-fold section (the first few lines) carry more weight than the rest of the description copy in Google’s ranking algorithm, so remember to put your main app store keywords in this section. This is basically how you get ranked and visible.
The best way to inexpensively get more downloads is to start by targeting lower competition keywords and work your way up. By ranking in the top 10 for low competition keywords, you will bring in a small amount of users, which will slowly increase the number of downloads and, in turn, improve your ranking position. Once the app got its small user base, you can target more competitive, higher traffic keywords since you will now have a better chance to rank highly for them.
Always choose relevant keywords! Don’t be tempted to use a keyword just because it is popular, but not relevant to your app. It won’t do any good and you will just lose your time and money. You want your app to be found by users who will really download and enjoy your app. This how you build your tribe!
Keep an eye on your competitors: what keywords they use, that you don’t, what’s their rank for those keywords. Always check them from time to time – that can be really helpful especially if you’re a newbie!
One of the mistakes that a lot of developers and marketers sometimes do is they stop optimizing once they break into the top 10 for their keywords. As you can see, we need some time to see the results from ASO, it doesn’t give an immediate result but it is definitely worth the work. You should optimize your keywords regularly and monitor them every month or so for your strategy to really work. If you update or improve your app, your keywords should always be updated as well.
There are lots of tools on the internet that can help you to find and track keywords but no need to spend your time on researching and testing them as we have one awesome keyword tool on our site

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