ASO secrets!

Get to the TOP and stay there is becoming more and more difficult because of the fact that the application market is growing by leaps and bounds. As an application developer, what do you come across at the very beginning? If you create an app on a topic that is very popular, do you think you will get proper attention to your product without any effort?


Each developer at first counts on the fact that as soon as the application will see the light, it immediately will be in the TOP and break the application stores. This is certainly possible, but for this, there must be an impeccable concept, something innovative, something that will explore the world of applications. Let’s face it, not everyone succeeds, and therefore, we need to work on our app and the strategy for its promotion.

So, you probably already heard about ASO? Let’s start with what it is and why it is very important for your app.


ASO (App Store Optimization) is a set of measures to optimize your app: title, keywords, descriptions, in order to maximize the visibility of your app in the market.

Let’s consider the checklist of optimization:

  • Keywords optimization;
  • Description optimization;
  • Title optimization;
  • Visual app design;
  • Indicators of the app;

A few mandatory actions for the maximum result of the application promotion using ASO:

  • Find the most effective and most inefficient of the keywords queries;
  • Analyze the categories to which your app can be related;
  • Experience competitors;
  • Optimize the name of the application, relying on the TOPs;
  • Select the most accurate keywords for queries;
  • Create a cool visual application series (screenshots, uncommon design);
  • Create (if necessary) and optimize the promo video;
  • Localization of the application (if required);
  • Regular application upgrade;
  • Analyze user ratings and reviews;
  • Regularly analyze and select the most optimal keywords;

In both app markets, people are constantly looking for new apps in the search engine. This means that if there is no competent keyword request – there is no promotion and organic.


  1. After analyzing the semantic kernel, put the most popular keyword in the app’s name. So your app will always be at the forefront.
  2. If you want to go to the TOP and get as much attention to your app as possible – write the request in a special way. For Google Play, a phrase written in bold or underlined font will work much more productively, attracting more attention.
  3. Please pay special attention to the first screen of your app. This is an important detail, waving a hand on which, you will spoil the impression of the application as a whole.
  4. When you generate keywords queries, work through several options for keys:
  1. Keywords are unique not only for your app. You need to conduct analytics to check how often your app is requested for your competitors;
  2. It is possible to analyze the most popular keywords of your competitors;
  3. Constantly improve your app, conduct analytics, optimize keywords, watch the trends of the mobile app market.
  4. And keep moving forward.
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