Why you need promotion and optimization

First of all, we need to tell you about promotion and why you need it for your app. So, it is needed for a bigger number of new users to install your app and it should be noticeable in Google Play or Apple Appstore. As a fact we want to say that most users install applications after seeing them in first positions in categories or searching for a store.
Have you ever heard about incentive traffic? Let's see how it works. Incentive or motivated traffic is attracted through special services, such as our platform. Tasks are placed in the system, and then become available to users. The user performs the task, the system checks for uniqueness, after which we pay them for that: this is how Keyapp.top works.
What can be achieved with the help of incentive traffic?

  1. Motivated traffic allows you to carry out the withdrawal of the application in the TOP;
  2. A constant attraction of motivated traffic helps the application to maintain its position in the TOP.
  3. Bringing motivated traffic to a keyword allows you to bring it to a selection of popular queries.;
  4. Before installing, users are looking for an application on demand, which contributes to its promotion in search results.
  5. Our users can leave detailed reviews and give a high rating to your application.
Also, it is worth mentioning the benefits of motivated traffic:

  • Own source of traffic;
  • The presence of a large number of installs we provide and the ability to update them;
  • Ability to combine traffic with API;
  • Low price and good quality.
    Apps promotion, besides output to the TOP stores, solves the problem of attracting new users through other channels, their retention and increasing conversions within the application. The way how apps are ranked in the Google Play Market do not reveal the algorithms by which apps are ranked in their stores.
    Only the main factors are known:

    • The number of installs;
    • Dynamics of installs;
    • User ratings;
    • The number of reviews;
    • The number of deletions of the application from the device;
    • The number of launches of the application by users;
    • ASO (the impact on these factors to increase the position of the application is called app store optimization)
      App Store Optimization - one of the most important things you should do is optimize your app page on Google Play. Why? Because most people look for your app on the Play Store.

      ASO will be implemented in all app marketing strategies to promote app make it in higher ranking at stores. When an app user searches for any app in the app store and play store, then they will always look at the first search result that appears in front on the first page.

      In another words, App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps for the purpose of achieving a higher rank in the app store search results and top charts rankings. The function of optimization is to improve the visibility of a mobile app in Google Play.
      The ASO consists of 4 important points:

      1. Keyword analysis;
      2. App's description;
      3. Attractive icon;
      4. Good screenshots.
      Let's specify the benefits of ASO:

      • Increased app's search ranking and get more visibility in Google Play ranks;
      • You will have more real users that will become your regular customers;
      • You'll have stable cash flow from installs, great visibility and good conversion rates of your app after optimization will provide you with stable cash;
      • You won't need to spend a lot of money to get more installs. If your app is optimized, the users will find and download it.
      To sum up, it is important not only to promote your app and use incentive installs, but also to optimize the app. Constantly perfect it and develop it with Keyapp.top, after which you will see the desired result. The main thing is not afraid and act and Keyapp.top always ready to help you with it.
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