7 App Promotion Strategies For Beginners

Creating any product starts with an idea. It should be fresh and interesting for the potential consumer. Creative idea – the main step to success. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a popular category of applications or not. After all, a good product and the right promotion can lead to the creation of a personal group, as is the case with the famous «Pokemon GO», which received a separate category of «additional reality».

Getting directly to the development of the application, you already need to think about its «sale». If you wish to promote the product in the global market, we advise you to pay attention to its localization – the creation of an English interface or the possibility of choosing a language.

Next, the finished application is placed on the service. At the same time it is necessary to follow the ranking rules – take into account the factors of ASO (description, logo-icon, keywords). The optimal description should intrigue the user with a short form of text (up to 80 characters) and convince of the need to download the application as an advanced version.

The product logo is the first thing that is paid attention to, therefore, when creating it, it is worthwhile to fulfill the following design requirements:

  • The icon should be memorable and unique;
  • The logo should not contain many small details, «load» with superfluous information;
  • You can use no more than two primary colors.
  • Properly selected keywords will also help improve performance.

The success of the product is to occupy high positions in the overall ranking. The greatest impact on it has the number of downloads and reviews, which can be obtained with proper promotion.

The most effective techniques:

  1. Using paid services to get an initial rating;
  2. Contextual advertising on Google, covering a wide Central Asia and bringing a slow, but lasting effect;
  3. Preparation of reviews, and even better their order from advanced popular bloggers;
  4. Using affiliate programs – placing links with a description of the application;
  5. Promotion through social networks (relevant for games);
  6. An increase in the number of reviews for an additional fee;
  7. Creation of special non-competitive applications (satellites) that will promote your product.

For any of the listed methods, at least a minimum budget is needed, then the effect will be quicker.

In order for affiliate programs to produce results, you need to track the number of conversions in Google Analytic. Thus, it will be possible to identify more profitable partner web resources.

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