How to increase the app position in category ranking?

It is a kind of complex question, as category ranking depends not only on the number of installs the application gets. It is important to show Google Play or the App Store that the application is popular and has a lot of active users to get it onto some charts, like on Google Play for popular games, multiplayer games, or simulation games.

Anyway, it is also important to show Google Play that the application is qualitative. It means:

  • There shouldn’t be any crushes inside the app, as this influences the app’s positions in categories and for keywords a lot. It influences the app Matrix and some of the success of any type of promotion you conduct. 
  • It’s important to have good positions for search requests, because first of all, it shows that the application is popular, and high positions for search requests can bring your application organic traffic, which can increase in-app activity.
  • Both rating and reviews influence the conversion rate and in-app activity as well, and of course they influence the chances to occupy some high rungs in the category because, when Google creates this list, they pay attention to the rating and to the reviews, and it is needed to work with app reputation to increase both of them.

These are some main tips, some main fields you should work with to be able to occupy some high rankings in the category, and just remember that only with the help of a lot of installs it is not possible to get some good positions in any category.

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