What are the advantages of keyword promotion?

Keyword promotion is the best option for your application as it’s the fastest way to become closer to your target user. It helps your application to grow up in rank for an exact keyword.

Let’s look at the example with a popularkeyword – «buy Instagram followers».

We have delivered 1831 USA installs for this keyword in total.The promotion lasted 3 days: 2 days one after another, then there was a 3 day pause and again 1 day of promotion.
Here’s how it went in numbers:

  • Day 1 – 401 installs
  • Day 2 – 430 installs
  • Day 3 – 1000 installs

Before the keyword promotion, the app took 59th place for the keyword «buy instagram followers». The chart shows that it has grown up in rank 55 positions higher. After the promotion we get: the 4th place for the keyword «buy instagram followers» in the USA.

As you see, keyword promotion – is very effective because:

  1. It can raise your application by keyword positions;
  2. Campaign for keywords installs is a good way to combine a lot of particular keywords and run them at the same time;
  3. Keywords promotion is 100% effective and after keyword installs boosting, your app will get higher in ranks. That may bring more visibility and more chances for users to find and download your app;
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