TOP positions in betting category within 5 days!

New Case Study from Keyapp! TOP positions in betting category within 5 days!

Some people want to test their luck. Every day we help to promote a lot of casino apps and the main groups of keywords are not only high frequency competitive keywords like “casino” or “poker”. It is possible to attract organic users with the help of promotion of less popular but more precise keywords: “real casino money”, “real casino”, “slots casino”.The closer the app is to the top, the more organic installs this app may receive. 80% of installs come for the 1st top-5 apps for a keyword. 

We would like to inform that every application is unique, so its story of promotion will be unique as well. Despite this,  for each app  there are the same factors that influence the app boost, and success of promotion.

  • in-app activity
  • application history 
  • app page quality
  • organic installs amount
  • current ranks of relevant keywords

Here we want you to pay attention to the apps, keywords and regions which were promoted. In our experience casino apps are popular all over the world, especially for  the European regions. So here we want to give you some examples of apps, and the strategy of promotion for a Portugal region (Android) and Sweden region (iOS). We recommend you to pay attention to the number of installs that were used, so you can build a similar strategy for your app.

For the promotion we have chosen 2 middle scored keywords for Portugal “casino dinheiro real” and “cassino online dinheiro real”. There is a campaign for 4 days, and it is seen that the  number of installs increases every day from 10 installs to 40 installs daily per each keyword. This strategy helps to make the promotion look natural. In total we spent 200 installs for both keywords, which was enough to gain 30+ positions and reach top-40. That is the common strategy we usually recommend for Android apps promotion, as it is believed that Google algorithm reacts better to long campaigns (more than 3 days) and everyday increase in the amount of installs. This gives the understanding to the algorithm that the app receives the installs for the keyword on a permanent basis and the positions are increased.

Below you can see the charts for these keywords. On the 1st day of the promotion, the app had 59 and 69 ranks for keywords “casino dinheiro real” and “cassino online dinheiro real” respectively. Right app is closer to the top for both keywords, which makes it visible for more users, as we have already mentioned that most apps are downloaded from the top 10.

As you may see with our cases, we use the different amount of installs for keyword in each different case. If you are still asking yourself how to choose the right amount of downloads to boost your app positions, read the following article.

Now let’s talk about iOS app promotion of the same app category. Below you can see the results of the promotion for an iOS app in Great Britain for the middle-scored  keywords “real money slots”, “blackjack”, “casino real money app”,  “online gambling”. The strategy of promotion of iOS and Android apps is very different. We recommend starting the promotion with a small number of installs, to check how these keywords react to promotion. Starting with a big number of installs makes the promotion look not natural and suspicious for Apple. We have set orders for 4 days with 10 installs daily per each keyword. Mostly all of them reached top-5

Using the example of the keyword “real money slots” we can see that this strategy helped to boost the app for 150+  positions. 10 installs were delivered every day for 4 days

As you may see from the examples above, promotion of casino apps may be completely successful in different countries of Europe and for different keywords. It is just needed to pay attention to the store, as strategies differ, and choose the right amount of installs depending on the keyword score and current position of the app for this request. Our support team is ready to help you with all the campaign settings, as we know the current trends in keywords promotion and the most efficient strategies that will help your app to achieve top positions in search!

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