The Main Promotion Features

Making money is the goal of any mobile application. And this is absolutely fair and equitable, since the development of mobile applications is a difficult and capacious process that requires a lot of investment of its time and money to develop it: the salaries of developers, designers, content managers, project managers, testers, and so on.

And so how to “discourage” the money spent on development, as well as earn on your product? In this article we will take a detailed look at the whole way of promoting a mobile application from publishing it in a store to launching an advertising campaign, and also consider all the available tools for promotion, dwelling on each of them in detail. We will also consider choosing a platform for publishing your application and choosing a country for promotion.

So, suppose you are a mobile application developer, or are just planning to become one, and you look closely at the mobile development market and think about which category of mobile applications to move to, which mobile application to develop in the hope of earning it steadily every month.

And the first question you ask yourself is the choice of a niche, which category of mobile application to choose for development. Here you need to clearly understand that to make good money on your application, it must comply with modern trends, to be with well-designed logic, mechanics, plot and excellent, beautiful graphics.

We recommend to pay your attention to the other niche of mobile applications, which is still less competitive than mobile games and where you can earn really good money and make other people’s lives a little easier, more convenient and more pleasant.

Also, we attach a small screenshot showing the saturation of the market of mobile applications by type of applications, playing games in it in the first place, this is one of the most competitive niches.


First of all, you need to remember that the store takes 30% of the profits from your applications.
Every year, the rules at the app stores change, often they become harder and harder to manipulate or try to bypass them, as it promises a number of troubles. In turn, for gross violations of the application store, your application may be withdrawn from it, and the developer’s account is blocked, but this happens very rarely, usually, it is limited to a warning and a notification about what needs to be fixed in your application. Editing is usually given some time, after which you need to fix all the problems, otherwise the application will be removed from the store.

Here is a small list of what should not be abused, in order to avoid problems:

  • Cheat reviews;
  • Bribing users;
  • Alternative payment, bypassing the app store;
  • Neimskvotting – clones;
  • Pirated content;


Here are some tips on how to design your application landing page:

In the name of the application, it is desirable to indicate its meaning, theme and function that it performs. For example: the application “ – Hotels and hostels” in the name of the application, the creators included the function of the application, so that users can immediately understand why this application is and what function it performs (online booking of hotels and hostels);
The icon, ideally, should reflect the essence of your application, if you are not a well-known brand, you should not write the name of your company on the icon, it is better to portray on it what your application will display about what. The icon should be bright in order to stand out against the background of the icons of other applications on the desktop of the smartphone, since modern users of mobile devices, as a rule, have a huge number of mobile applications. Often it happens that the application icon is ugly and is lost in a huge number of other icons, it turns out that your application is installed, but because of its poor visibility, a person rarely enters it or does not enter at all, and searching for it through a search is not always I want to. It should also be noted that you should not flirt with all the colors of the rainbow, you need to know when to stop;
Ideally, draw several application icons and make several name choices and conduct A / B tests.


Be sure to conduct A / B tests, with the help of them you can choose the best option. Do not forget that the results of A / B testing can be trusted only if they were conducted on a sufficiently large number of people. The difference between such tests can be huge. Therefore, it is always preferable to conduct tests on a large number of people for greater reliability and effectiveness.

Currently, conducting A / B testing will not cause major problems; there are a huge number of online services that allow it.


Before full-scale promotion, it is necessary to carry out the so-called Soft Launch (literally – soft launch). His conduct will avoid the drain of money on advertising in the empty. And also to solve a number of issues:

  • find and fix bugs;
  • hone all the mechanics;
  • improve monetization;
  • modify usability;
  • receive live feedback – feedback from users;
  • collect the necessary analytics and create a portrait of “your” user;


After all the preparatory work, conducting ASO, A / B testing and carrying out Soft Launch, you can proceed directly to the promotion of the mobile application itself.

To increase organic traffic in the app stores and improve the rate of installations, you need:

Identify the most relevant key requests.
Embed queries into text elements (name, description, block of key queries).
Optimize graphic elements (icon, screenshots, video).
Customize the indexing of the content of the application and go to the deep links.
Localize the application under the countries that are important for promotion.
Constantly test and measure results.


There are some simple ways to get your application into feature.

  • Benefit for Apple or Google (your application uses all the technologies of the platform, all its new features);
  • Best or unique;
  • Beautiful (Apple even has a separate nomination for the most beautiful applications of the App Store);
    4.5+ reviews;
  • Seasonal (February 14, March 8, Halloween, etc.) sometimes it is enough to repaint the icon of your application or add an image to the screenshots);
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