how work with negative reviews

How to work with mobile app reviews to increase an amount of downloads and improve brand reputation

We give advice for those who want to get more positive app reviews in App Store and Play Store. Find out right now what to do with negative reviews for your app. Choose your next app marketing strategy wisely with tips and guides from!

Why do you need to work with reviews?

There are a lot of apps in the market and users have to make a difficult decision which app they want to install. Ratings and reviews have become a decisive factor. Positive app reviews improve conversion rate both in Google Play and App Store. App Store Optimization helps your app to be on the top of search, reputation app management helps your audience to make the right decision to install an app.

Have you already added the keywords to your app description and title as many times as possible and didn’t get into the index for the desired search requests? Or do you want to index for brand names which are forbidden to add to metadata? 

Try to order app reviews and add the needed keywords there. Of course, this way of indexation gives lower chances to get into the top 250, but anyway Google pays attention to reviews in the indexation process as well. 

Note that this works only for Google Play.

When do you need reputation management?

Sometimes it is believed that organic users do not read reviews before they install the app, but that is definitely not like this. According to the statistics, almost 90% of users read the reviews and check the overall rate of the app before they download it. There is even a filter on Google Play which shows only the apps with rate of 4+ to the user. Let’s discuss when you need more attention to your app reviews!

  1. You made an update of your application and some crushes inside appeared. The time after each app update is important as users may not like the changes you made, leave negative reviews and rates. In such cases pay more attention to reviews and answer both positive and negative ones. 
  2. Your competitors want to mess up your reputation. That is a kind of black method, but anyway you, as app developer or ASO specialist, may face the situation when competitors can add negative reviews for your app to lower the reputation and overall rating.
  3. You want to receive reviews for a new app.
  4. As a part of ASO. Positive ratings and reviews contribute to the app to get top position in search. It is extremely important to give the answer for each review. This creates the clients’ brand loyalty and shows that you evaluate the feedback.

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What to do if you receive negative reviews?

There shouldn’t be any doubts to ask or not for negative reviews. It’s part of reputation management. Remember, it is strictly forbidden to delete reviews on the application page on your own.

  1. You can leave a complaint to the service. Spam, competitors wars, purchased negative reviews with foul language are blocked twice a month. Developers should understand the essence of the complaint, and try to eliminate all problems. As a result, conversion rate will increase
  2. Give an answer to your users. Its a right way to tell the truth if you have some bugs in app. But don’t forget to tell when you will correct mistakes or help consumers to solve their problems. Due to this communication, the loyalty of your audience to the application will increase among old and new users too. And probably next time you receive 5 stars organic review. Your comments should show that you value the users’ feedback, so try to make the answers different for each review. Of course, you can create the list of answers you use in most cases, but try to make each review individual
  3. Technically remove negative reviews from list. If you need to get quickly more positive app reviews, this way for you. To offset the impact of one negative review, you need to get 10 high-quality positive reviews.One of the way is use our app reputation service with positive reviews.

Now you know almost all about how you should work with app reviews. You can increase app reviews by our service or improve brand, trust, reputation to your app. 

If you have doubts or questions, contact our managers. We will assist you with app promotion and create a strategy which helps to get more organic downloads.

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