Crash, smash and lose a ton of cash. Antiapp guide

Keyapp.managers mostly write about how things should be done. However, we will try to ruin the promotion of the Android application, so it will lose the ranks for its keywords. We will also order installs for no less than 2,000$ in total, to make the example painful. 

Are you intrigued? Do you think we will even get the developer’s account and the applications banned? Get to know that in this article! Let the destruction begin!

What keywords do we have in the index at Google Play?

We have a dating application with indexation for more than 100 keywords. The following histogram shows the dispersion of the keywords by positions.

We do not need low score keywords. We know the right way of doing promotion: we group words by brand keywords and actions. Tinder, badoo, mamba, sugar daddy will be in the first group. The second group will be for sex, fuck, clubbing, date, single, indian, woman, etc. 

So our groups for promotion will be the following:

We want to achieve the result as soon as possible, so we will start the promotion immediately without 24 hours spreading. The app installs will be delivered at the same moment. We will then go to the Search Console and check the traffic installs. When we do not see them, we directly contact support. 

As a rule, they ask to wait for 3-4 days before the console updates. It is hard to wait, so we had a little discussion of it.  

While waiting for the updates in the Search Console we stopped promotion, then promoted for the next two days with the same number of installs per each keyword. 

After this, our dynamics are the following

By 2020-05-10 our update for the application was ready. We decided to change the title and rewrite the description for more keywords. After the update, we lost in positions and our progress on promotion.

They did everything right!

U sure? We will show the weak points in their promotion. Contact us for a free consultation

That was awful - Make a Claim
Nothing special
You are doing a good job!

After the updates, we decided to focus on 3 main keywords that will give us money in the future. We picked “sex‘, “mamba” and “tinder” and created a campaign for 100 installs per day in the USA region with 24 hours spreading for 7 days. On the 4th day of the promotion, we stopped it. 

By this time we got +30 positions per each keyword. However, we did not like the dynamics, as we need to be top 10 in search by the end of the next week. 

So, on Monday we continue with 1500 installs per “tinder”, 3000 for “mamba” and 1500 for “sex”. 

See the dynamics of the promotion in these charts:

We made this case up, but some clients do pretty the same managers check clients’ accounts. So, we find such cases and try to contact the client promoting the application. This story was made up of 3-4 typical cases we have faced previously. We hope you could pick them up and understand what was the issue.

We can consult on how to do no mistakes like these

That was awful - Make a Claim
Nothing special
You are doing a good job!

Let’s go through the mistakes we have deliberately done

  • We did not group keywords by core words and intention. Instead, we looked at what positions we are. with no regard on what keywords we really need. 
  • We did not pick promotions by certain regions. With dating applications, some keywords can reflect the ethnicity and sexual preferences of the country. Pornhub does a great job, collecting information about search requests visitors do. You can use it for the basic grouping of the keywords. 
  • We did no screening to estimate the dynamics of promotion. We write a lot about it in the articles, follow the blog. 
  • We did not plan promotion for 20-25 days at least, but dropped promotion by the most keywords. 
  • Finally, we focused on 3 keywords that are competitive, show little intention and will give small conversion into installs, while promotion will require thousands of Android downloads per day.
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