Step by Step ASO Keywords Promotion

A lot of users ask how to work with their ASO. Most of our clients don’t understand how to choose keywords and how to work with those keywords. We decided to create a tutorial that explains how we see it.

1. Choose an app you want to promote and go to “EDIT KEYWORDS” section.

2. If you know exactly what keywords you want to promote you can add them manually, by using “ADD MY KEYWORDS” button. If you want to find more useful keywords choose “GET POPULAR KEYWORDS”.
This will cost 1USD for every request but usually you can get a lot of keywords for your app. Don’t use it often because this data updates weekly.

3. When you get your keywords you have to switch from “FAVOURITES” to “ALL KEYWORDS” bookmark. Here you can see all keywords we got for your app. You will also see positions in US search ranks for those keywords.

4. Now check the list and mark all keywords you want to push with yellow stars. Then go to “FAVORITES” bookmark

5. Now hold CTRL button and press every “PROMOTE” button. You will open unique tabs with orders for all keywords. Now we advice to start with the similar orders for every keyword. In our case we decided to push 12 keywords at the same time. We created 12 orders for 100 daily installs for 5 days. Also we ordered 50 rates and 5 reviews for every keyword

Our goal is to rich positions 1-5 for every keyword. We plan to control all our orders on a daily basis. When some of the chosen keywords reach top positions we will stop those orders to save money. Also, we will order more for difficult(high traffic) keywords. If it goes fine we will rich top positions for those keywords in 2 weeks. When it happens we will press “GET POPULAR KEYWORDS” button again and check our keywords. Maybe we will get more ideas of good keywords. If not we will try to find more keys using some of the popular ASO services.

Also, it is very important to control your keyword positions after promotion. Usually, it is easy to stay on top positions for RELEVANT keywords for a good app. But your competitors are not sleeping. So from time to time, you will have to order more to stay in TOP.

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