Promotion availability in Russia

Have you heard that started to work with Russia? In this regard, we decided to prepare a short brief about the specifics of working with this region! Now we will tell you about the features of the promotion, incentive traffic and the nuances of work with Russian keywords.

Unfortunately, the majority of developers do not invest in ASO. However, ASO can become the key to success. The first thing that comes to mind is the concept of ASO are the keywords: the more keywords in the title and description of the application we use, the higher its rating is. What you should know is that ASO – is more than the keywords promotion and their mention in the description. Besides, you have to note:

  • Beautiful icon;
  • Right screenshots;
  • Correct description;
  • Right chosen promotion for your app.

What do you get after ASO?

  • High positions in search results for queries;
  • An increased flow of organic traffic;
  • Increase the conversion of viewing in the installation;
  • Reducing user acquisition cost.

Our service implements the task of promotion. We are keen on high-quality promotion for a clearly defined budget. We work on the market for over 3 years, promoting applications in the USA, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. But from now on, you can promote your applications in Russia! And not only with English keywords, but also with the help of Russian ones! For applications that are focused on Russian-speaking audience – it will be an advantage and a huge opportunity. With the help of our service, you can promote Russian keywords to the TOP on any Russian request.

It is a must-have tool in the first instance! In order to artificially increase the position of the application, it is necessary to purchase incentive installs. Don’t worry, because incentive installs come from real people. Depending on the task, these people find the application on a search query, write reviews, give ratings. They are paid, so you can safely trust the companies that provide such services.

Incentive installs raise your application in the issuance of a keyword. With their help grow the application position. The ultimate goal is to make the application more noticeable among competitors.  Unfortunately, users do not scroll search results to 50+ positions to find the application. You can say it, hardly anyone goes far out the 10th position. In the head of any user there is a cliche: if the application is worthwhile, then it should be in the TOP.

You have to remember, that nothing is free on this moon. As well as TOP positions on the market, but the result is impressive. If you still have questions, feel free to ask us here or on Skype. And below, we will attach several articles that will help you in promoting:

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