Introducing new API feature!

Breaking news!
We have a new useful feature in our service!

Right now you can use via API connection. This feature will come in handy for resellers and developers who need to promote many apps and create a lot of campaigns. With API it’s very easy to set and manage orders, check their status etc.

These are some of the key options our API offers you:


  • Add\ Delete application
  • Update app details with actual market data
  • Retrieves application details, apps list


  • Add\Delete keywords
  • Get your current Keyword list
  • Calculate current rank of keyword for application in the specific country on Play Store.


  • Add\Cancel\Pause\Resume new order
  • Get your orders list


  • Statistics – LIST
  • Retrieves order’s statistics, like number of installs with detalization by date or keyword


  • Balance\Payment\Transactions


  • Country codes\ Order status
  • Response status of all api calls

We suggest that our API  will help to automate the work with our service for our clients who have a good number of orders!
We are sure that it will be much more convenient to you!

If you have any feedback regarding our API feel free to write to us at!

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