Hold your pockets tightly! BLACK FRIDAY at Keyapp.top!

Only on the 23rd of November (UTC+0), we are giving you a +50% bonus to any payment!

Good opportunity to save the money and boost your app to #1 in Google Play even cheaper than you expected!

A few tips to be ready for Black Friday and to make your app promotion as effective as possible:

1. Research your keywords and add the ones you want to promote to Keyapp.top. Note: Long and midtail keywords can be a good source of traffic. They are easier to boost and can increase your visibility faster. Create a campaign for a few midtail keywords and boost them simultaneously for a couple of days. As a result, you’ll get more organic installs!

2. Better set a campaign for a few days in order to see the best result. Consistency is the key! Remember, all your competitors and people above you in rank do something to keep or grow their position. An intensive campaign for 3-4 days can really change the game in your favor!

3. TOP10 will require more installs from you, than TOP50. The higher you move, the more installs you will need. Think your promotion through till the end! How many installs will you need to reach the TOP depends only on your app and the keywords you’ve chosen!

Easy money! Easy win!

Hold your pockets and be ready for Keyapp.top Black Friday!

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