FAQ: How to rank for the keywords I’m not ranked for?

Hello, guys! We start a new series of posts in which we will answer your most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Let’s find out how you can start ranking for the keywords you’re not ranked for!

So, first of all, you should research and make a list of all the keywords you are ranked for and those you’re not but really want. The keywords with the highest traffic will be your MAIN KEYWORDS. There also will be LOW TRAFFIC KEYWORDS (not so popular but still with some search requests).The keywords that include your main keywords will be your SECONDARY KEYWORDS. What does it mean? Let’s say your main keyword is ‘blackjack’. So your secondary can be ‘blackjack free’, ‘blackjack offline’ etc. They have a lower traffic and are easier to boost.
So, to rank for the keywords you are not ranked for you can use these strategies:

1) Boost your secondary keywords! This will eventually make you rank for the main keyword. If you pushed your secondary to the top but the main one still doesn’t appear, take another secondary keyword and start boosting it too. In the end, you will hopefully start ranking for your main keyword. We tried this with a lot of apps and it worked. For some apps faster for some slower but we managed to start ranking for our main keywords using this strategy!

2) Push your low traffic keywords! When you just published your app it wouldn’t be ranked for competitive keywords you dream of. A lot of people ask us how to be in this situation. ‘Oh, I have only shitty keywords! What can I do?’ Don’t feel bad about it, it’s okay. What you can do here is to pick a few keywords from the ones you have and start boosting them. Gradually, you will start ranking for more keywords, for better keywords.

3) There’s also another thing to try! But this works usually for a fresh app that doesn’t have any or little keywords.
Start with package id installs! From the day one. Once your app starts getting downloads right after launch, bit by bit you start ranking for low traffic keywords, then you will be able to push these and then highly competitive keywords.

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