Developers Choose Paid Traffic and It’s Totally Justified!

Among all the promotion methods that exist in Google Play, app developers choose paid promotion with incentivized installs more and more often. And who can really blame them? This approach is faster and gives more sustainable results than ad campaigns. Why? Because when ad campaign is over new users will stop coming to the app, while from top positions for popular keywords, new users will still have a chance to find and download your app.

Taking into account the specifics of Google Play, there are not that many ways to make your app visible on the market in a short period of time which is crucial especially for new apps. The most effective way to achieve that is a paid boost of keyword ranks.


The more keyword installs you get the higher your app goes up in keyword rank. Our users will find your app by the keyword you chose (the app should be in top 250), install it , open and keep it on their device for a few days. This is enough to have an effect on the keyword rank! After that, it’s totally up to them whether to use it or not.

There are some things that still bother devs in promotion with paid installs. And the first question is whether it is really SAFE?

From our part, we can tell you that we didn’t experience problems with google because of our incent traffic. We provide high quality installs and test them every single day to make sure they really work!

We show you our REAL CASE studies! Not made up! Only real numbers! So this is a good source of information from which you can learn more about paid promotion.

With a horrible spread of internet fraud, a lot of people are hesitant to try such services like ours. They‘ve heard and read on forums about scams, banned apps etc. This is not about us.

Our website is NOT FAKE!  

Our platform is self-service so you can set, manage and cancel your orders and campaigns yourself. All the information, charts and statistics are in your personal cabinet! Our friendly support is always ready to help!

If you didn’t get the result you were hoping for, please, contact our team and we will check your orders and will give you a quality answer and advice regarding your promotion! If you have any additional questions contact us at or drop us a line in a live chat! We are always open to conversation! : )

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