Case study. Everything about dating app promotion

People usually care about their private life and want to have someone to talk with. We help to promote many dating apps and the main groups of keywords are not only high frequency competitive keywords like “dating” or “dating app”. It is possible to gain more traffic from promotion of less popular but more precise keywords: “mature dating” with 2000 daily traffic, “dating apps free” with 600, “find a friend” with 300. Apps that are in the top 10 combine 80% of keywords daily traffic, so it is worth promoting your app using keyword installs. You start seeing more organic installs as you hit the top 10 spots with high traffic keywords.

It is worth mentioning that promotion of each application can differ significantly, so the results could be different as well. As our promotion influence only app positions for keywords, there are some other factors that depend on your work with the app:

  • in-app activity
  • application history
  • app page quality
  • organic installs amount
  • current ranks of relevant keywords

Here we would like you to pay attention to the apps, keywords and regions which were promoted. In our experience (you can see it in the provided examples), it is effective to promote dating apps not only in the most popular regions, like the USA, but in other ones as well. So here we want to give you some examples of apps, keywords they are ranking for and groups of keywords they are now promoted in search by specific region. We recommend you to pay attention to the number of installs and days in the campaign and how many positions this app increased in search for.

Here you can see a campaign for 5 days with 1685 installs in general. For example, “asian dating” keyword has reached rank 6 after the promotion. (+5) shows how many ranks have been raised. In the second screenshot, you can see the order details, how many installs were set daily, how many installs were delivered and total information about the amount of installs used for each keyword.

Next you can see a growth statistic of the “asian dating apps” keyword in USA. Ups and downs of the rank are normal during the first few days of promotion, because the Algorithm often takes 3 days to update changes. We started the campaign on February 18th and we lost some ranks by the 20th of February. Then it grew up on the day after it and we reached rank 6 on February 26th. As our promotion is step by step promotion, two weeks are normal for that kind of growth.

Here you can see an example for iOS. You can’t set up a different number of daily installs for iOS campaigns, so we recommend setting up 3-5 days campaigns and increasing installs for next orders. Also, usually you need more installs to rank up with iOS apps.

If you want to know more about how promote your app by keywords, learn our guide.

My way in keywords promotion and ASO started more than 3 years ago. At this stage I work closely with different app categories and have an experience in keywords promotion both of Android and iOS apps.
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