spring sale

Celebrate the Spring Season with Our Spring App Promotion Discount

Spring is here, and we’re excited to offer you some bloomin’ good deals on app promotion in Germany! It’s the perfect time to give your app the boost it needs to bloom and flourish.

At our promotion, we believe in spreading the springtime cheer by offering discounts that will help your app blossom in Germany. You reach new audiences and boost your app’s visibility with targeted keyword promotion. Use your 50% discount for keyword installs in Germany.

So don’t let your app get lost in the crowd this spring. Get more downloads than ever before from March 21st to 24th, and set the campaigns to last up to 14 days. 

Algorithm how to become successful with our keyword installs:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Choose either Google Play or App Store
  3. Select the region with the active offer (Germany)
  4. Determine the length of your campaign (up to 14 days)
  5. Enjoy the automatically applied 50% discount on your order.
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