Promotion Results with Case Study №8

Hello! We have a new app boost case study for you today!

Want to learn how to boost your app with paid campaigns from real examples?

Practice is always better than theory!

So let’s get right into it!

This app is a game.

The keyword chosen is ‘backgammon game’ with daily traffic almost 2k. This is not a weak keyword but also not a very popular one. After boosting such keywords you have greater chances to start ranking for competitive high traffic keywords. We start boosting from position 30.  900 installs are divided for  3 days – 200 installs each.

We wait for at least 3 days to see the result.

When enough time passed we see that app gets 13 positions higher. Great result for the app that was already in top 30!  Different sources can show ranks with a slight difference – it’s totally fine so don’t be frustrated by that.


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Keyword boost is pretty simple and gives fast results.

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