Promotion Results with Case Study №3

Hello, guys!
Here’s our new case study we are very happy to share with you! 
GPS navigation apps are very popular and useful right now. So when we look at the traffic of the keyword ‘navigation’ we see that it’s pretty good. This keyword is a competitive one. We start our promotion with 3500 installs from the position 209. All the installs get delivered in one day and as a result, in 3 days we see this app on the 25th position.
We would like to notice, that there are different strategies in terms of how many installs to buy and what period of time to divide them for. If the app is new, the best thing is to split your installs in a certain amount of days and slightly increase their number day by day as the promotion goes by. This will look more natural. If the app has been on Google Store for a while we can feel free to throw a huge bunch of downloads in one day at once and be happy with the positive outcome.
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