Promotion Results with Case Study № 2

Hello, everybody! We would like to continue sharing with you our successful case studies and today we would like to present to you an example of keyword promotion of the app in the dating niche. This category is a tricky one and it can be hard at times to increase or keep ranks but totally possible with a right strategy and quality app.
So let’s take a look!
Our keyword here is ‘meetup’ which is a pretty competitive one that requires a good number of keyword installs on a daily basis to increase rank, especially when it’s already in top 30. In the beginning of promotion, this app occupies 26th position. We run 2000 installs daily for 3 days and to firm up the result we follow up with 1225 every day for 2 days without any interruption which makes in total 8450 keyword installs divided in 5 days. As a result, we reach position 2 and very happy with an outcome!
Once again, the pace and amount of installs needed highly depend on your niche and keyword. The more competitive it is the more installs you will need, so make sure to research that to prepare a good, well thought out strategy from the very start!

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