Case Study №32 +150 positions to the TOP!

Hello! How is your productive Monday?

We are pleased to inform you we are starting a week of cases! We will tell and show you with examples of how to promote iOS and Android applications straight to the TOP ranks!

So, our first case is a good example of how to bring your application to the TOP in 3 days using 20 installations a day! This case is not really promotion “on a budget”  but we decided to show it for those who plan to invest good amounts in promotion and promote it professionally.

The client’s application is located in the niche of slot games, which is very popular in the application market. From here it is clear that great popularity = great competition. We analyzed the application and selected relevant words and created a small order for 3 days, in total with 756 settings.


After a few days, we saw a very good result: all keywords went up in the TOP-3 of the market!

Returning to the strategy: we focused on an even distribution of installs. As you can see, we have chosen the simplest format of increasing +1 installation each day.

Want the same result? Then promote apps with!

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