Case Study №27 + 139 positions higher

Hey! Here’s another case study we are proud to share with you! As you know we provide installs in different countries, but the most popular geo is, no wonder, the US.

So, today’s case study will show you the result from keyword promotion in the United States.

Okay, Let’s look at what we’ve got here!

Our client decided to promote his game by the keyword  ‘cartoon’. In total, he ordered 200 installs in 4 days, it cost only 20$.


As the result, the app significantly increased in rank + 139 positions and right now is on the 7th position for the keyword ‘cartoon’ in the USA.

Please look at the chart:

What do you think about the results? We think it’s amazing, so if you want to have the same success, feel free to contact us at and we will offer you the best keyword promotion strategy specially for you app! 

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