Case Study №18! + 4 positions in rank

This case study is ‘small’ but still shows just how good incentive installs work in terms of boosting your android app’s rank in Google Play.

The keyword of today’s case is ‘emp777’. It was chosen to run 150 installs for 3 days – 50 installs each day.

The app started the promotion with being on the 5th position in rank in the USA.  We always need some time to see the result, it’s never instant.

For example, in Google Play it’s usually 3-4 days. In some very unique cases, we needed to wait for a whole week. So don’t be disappointed too soon. Maybe you just need a few days more for ranks to settle, all installs verified by the algorithm etc

So, what happened to our client’s app, after he boosted his ranks with our keyword installs?

Well, the result is positive! The app went from the 5th place to the 1st one!

Here’s the chart of this particular app promotion:

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