Case Study №17! + 15 positions in rank

Hello, guys! We are glad to share with you our recent successful case study!

This is a very interesting promotion. Let’s take a look at how it went : )

The keyword of today’s rank boost is ‘bitcoin’. Our client started boosting his app from 27th position. The promotion lasted  4 days with 1089  installs in total. 

Here are the numbers of installs that were delivered:

day 1 -241 installs

day 2 – 265 installs

day 3 – 273 installs

day 4 – 310 installs

On the chart below you can see how this app went +15 positions higher in rank. After the promotion, this app is on 12th position in rank for the keyword ‘bitcoin’ in USA! 

We will be posting more of our successful cases so make sure to check our blog from time to time!

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