Reasons for app ranks to drop and how we can fix it

Rank drops – that’s what we as app developers and marketers sometimes are scared of. But this can be fixed if we know what exactly triggered the drop. If you notice such a change, be active and react to this quickly. So let’s take a look at factors that determine ranks in play stores. 
1. Changes of App Store Ranking Algorithm
If you are in app development\marketing for some time you probably know about it and experienced this change with your apps. This can be scary: one minute your app is on top, the next you see it fall to the almost very bottom. But not to worry! Sometimes when such change is made, an app can naturally go up again. But if doesn’t? Google updates their app ranking algorithms from time to time. So your app’s drop in rankings could be triggered by these changes. The changes could be made to one or more factors such as those involving the keywords, downloads, or ratings and reviews. The changes in rules will have an impact on your app ranking and you will have to make adjustments to regain your ranks.
2. Your App Lacks the Desired Quality
High app ranks can be achieved due to promotional campaigns but this is not what sustains your app’s high ranks and success in the long-term. It is quality and satisfied users. If you see that your app gets uninstalled a lot and your rank starts to drop this may be because of poor quality or user experience issues. So, make sure to check the feedbacks, reviews, and ratings. The problem may be some bug etc. so by fixing it you may get your users and good ranks back.
3. Drop in Post-Download Engagement
Users should use your app after they install it for you to maintain your top ranking. If they don’t and find your app not satisfying after all this may be the cause of your rank dropping. You should make your user want to come back to your app regularly. You can also use push notifications to get them back.
4. Competitors
They always try to get to the top and never stop innovating to get there. So one of the reasons why your app could be declining in ranking is due to your competitors’ apps doing well. This is the reason why the process of app store optimization is a continuous one. It is not a one-time deal. You have to keep learning and make adjustments to ensure that your app maintains its rankings.
5. Keywords
The reason your app’s rank goes down may be because you use the wrong keywords. This is important. You may be sticking to the old strategy of tracking relevant keywords. Try to update your keywords once in a while and track your competitors to prevent the rank drop. To research your keywords you can use our great site APPKEYWORDS.TOP !
6. Constant Uninstalls
If your app has the high number of uninstalls it can be a big factor why you are losing ranking.
Keep in mind that app optimization is a continuous process where you keep learning and making changes to improve your app and ranking. Remember, as long as your targeted user is satisfied you will be doing good.

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