How to get your app featured in the “Top Free Apps” list on Google Play Market

There’s a lot of speculations regarding featuring in such lists as “top free apps” in Google Play Store. What we know is that such lists are not made randomly and it’s kind of a big deal to break into these categories. We decided to quickly list the main conditions that “top free apps” list acquire.

1) So, first of all, it’s the number of downloads. The apps featured in “top free apps” receive a lot of installs from the day one which brings them to high positions by popular keywords. So the best strategy is to make sure your app starts receiving downloads right after its launch.
2) Dynamics of downloads and deletions
In short, users should use your app after they download it and don’t delete it right away. It has a great influence on ranks in google in general so your app must be of good quality, without any irritating bugs!
3) Retention
The longer your app stays on the users’ device the better for you and your ranks. So make your app user-friendly and comfortable to use.
4) Reviews and ratings from users
Well, this is a hard one as most users don’t leave comments on your app’s page even if they like it. So the way out is to simply ask them. Push-notifications can help a lot. Show your users that their opinion is interesting to you and they will be more willing to rate and review your app. And don’t forget to answer, your audience will appreciate it!
5) Updates
Get your app updated frequently. This means that you as a developer care about it and improve its quality. When people like the app they are always interested in new features and possibilities that this app can give them.
6) The number of references to the application in articles, news, reviews, etc.
In order to get your app reviewed you have to write and pitch your app’s review to popular reviewsnews websites, niche bloggers etc. A high-quality promo video can be very useful and give more chances that people will be willing to tell their audience about your app! Learn how to make a promo app video right – we wrote about this later on Facebook so make sure to check our other posts!

So there you have it! These key points will bring you lots of organic traffic and hopefully get your app featured in “top free apps”. What we personally are able to do for you is we can help you to increase your ranks by the keywords and make sure your app starts getting downloads from the very first day of its launch on the market. Check our service here. – Android keywords promotion

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