Backlinks for App promotion success

You may not know this but high quality backlinks can help you improve your ranking in Google Play Store. Let’s figure out how they work!

Backlinks are simply incoming links from other websites. For ranking in the Play Store, rather than a web search engine, the backlinks that matter are website links to your Play Store URL. The higher the quality and relevance of your backlinks, the better you will rank in the store. Experienced SEO strategists will recommend focusing on quality content when it comes to link building. And as an all time rule – track your backlinks and analyze the results.
How does this all work? If you don’t already have your own website or blog, start there, and begin linking to your own Play Store URL. Use your full Play Store URL in your social media profiles, like your Twitter bio, and try searching for some app directories to submit your app to. Great content also attracts others whose sites have more ranking authority than yours, and that’s where the magic happens. If big brands or influential people link to your app’s Play Store URL, you’ll see a rise in your rankings. This may take a little time and luck, but you can better your chances with marketing promotion activities. Backlinks are important but they are not the main elements of ASO. If you haven’t invested time and effort into the key elements of ASO like a well-written description, keyword optimization, good looking iconscreenshots etc. your backlinks may help you raise in the rankings but won’t necessarily result in downloads and engaged users so naturally you may lose your rank position. So be sure to focus on your ASO strategies in addition to backlinking.

But can backlinks actually hurt your app’s rankings in any way? Yes, it’s important to know that irrelevant or even malicious links can hurt your app’s ranking in the Google Play Store. You could have a non-relevant site repeatedly linking to you, or maybe a competitor figures out a way to get your app linked by an adult or vice-related site. Again, this isn’t a problem that most app developers and marketers run into but it’s better to know about it and try to always keep a close track of your backlinks and your app’s performance.

How do you improve your app’s backlinks? Once you start to track your app’s backlinks, you can determine their quality and relevance based on your own knowledge of your app’s audience, category, and competition. If you find that you’re receiving a lot of links from niche blogs, keep pitching ideas to bloggers and writing guests posts. If you started seeing a boost in your Play Store rankings once your first press release came out, concentrate on that.

We know that it’s hard to get high ranks in Google Play Store so we are always willing to help you and guide you to the best result. You can learn more about our service here. 


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