How to promote your app worldwide?

Google offers app developers huge possibilities so why not to use them to our advantage. Why not promote our app and gain popularity all around the world? Sounds incredible but totally possible. Let’s think about it. Nobody wants to use an app in a foreign language they don’t understand. So what we need is app localization. It can look like a hard task but before doing a full localization of your whole app, try to localize your app listing first. It means translating your app name, keywords, screenshots, etc. You can have a significant result in increasing downloads just from this small step.
App Store users use different languages in each market so we must have different keywords for different markets that suit them perfectly on all levels. It’s better to ask a native speaker to do App Store Keyword Optimization for you.
Here are the main points:
· Title – It’s better to keep your app’s title in all languages you try to target as this is where your brand name is usually mentioned. But pay attention to cultural variations so not to offend anybody or have a negative impact on users.
· Description – The value of your app may be different for users in other countries, focus on your target users, their cultural buying habits, and what they may be looking for. Doing so can make your product stand out among competitors and increase overall app store engagement. See, simply translating your app store description may not be enough!
· Keywords – Your keywords should be appropriate for your target users. In some cases, the literal translation of keywords from one language to another does not have the same meaning and can negatively affect your app’s global adoption rate. Once again, consult a native speaker.

How to get more reviews on your app that would encourage more people from around the world to download it?

Consider triggering in-app review messages – As users explore your app, you can set certain actions to trigger in-app messages that prompt the user to review your app. When users click on the in-app message, they will be taken to the appropriate app store to leave their comments.
Engage with your audience, improve your app and answer their questions from time to time. This will pay off 100%
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