How to Promote Your App With Updates

Without improving your app you might lose your users. Even the dedicated ones. Ranks drop, bad comments start to appear on your app’s page and the whole picture is suddenly not so bright. To prevent that, you should constantly improve your app and fix that nasty bugs.We know, that working on your app is a hard job. Promoting it – sometimes can seem even harder, just confusing. So to not waste all the work you have done and will do, let’s figure out how to promote your app while releasing its updates.

This a very useful promotion trick! So let’s take a look!

Keep your users engaged and give them a pleasant experience with your app.
Even if you put great care into building the first version of your app and you’ve had people testing it, there’s still a great chance that you still missed something.
Of course, focus on fixing bugs, but also you want to add features or some things you noticed users and bloggers complain about when reviewing your app. Don’t go too crazy with it by releasing updates very often. Your goal is to make sure you keep your users interested and excited, and that your potential users don’t think that your app is dead, which is just… frustrating.

“WHAT’S NEW” section is great! Use it to your advantage. Don’t limit yourself to “Major Bugs fixed” or “ New features” when filling the free space. Use this opportunity to talk to your audience and convince them to download your app and keep it for longer.
Don’t be too technical when talking about features or bugs: most users won’t understand it so keep it simple.
This not a hard thing to do but it will be of a great benefit to your app. If you are doing an update just for bug fixes, you can still mention what was new in the previous version.

A small bug-fixing update can be quiet, but when you’re releasing new features you have an opportunity to communicate with your customers and reach out to others. So here are a few things you can do. First, if you have a blog\website make sure you write a short post about it. It shouldn’t be hard to write it, since it should be a detailed version of what you filled in the ‘What’s New’ section of the Play Store. Explain each feature you added and why, insert a couple of screenshots, give a link to the Play Store details page and tell users to check the update. Use Twitter/Facebook to talk about your app update. You can even start talking about new features as soon as you start working on them, letting users know when you submit the new release. When you finally release the update, you can once again use what you came up with in the ‘What’s new’ section, with a link to your blog post or to the app’s page or both. Sounds amazing!

Secondly, if you have a push notifications system, alert your users. But do it only for a major update that significantly improves your app or fixes a major issue: you don’t want them feeling spammed.

And to finish, show your users that you care about them by listening to their feedback, react to it and improve your work bit by bit to have a happy, thriving business!

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