How to improve your app retention and make users come back to your app

Your app may get hundreds of installs every day, but how many of these installs become your active and engaged users? It is becoming more and more important to build an effective retention strategy to have sustained app growth which ensures that your users like your app and keep coming back for more.
We need to work to maximize mobile app retention because not only does retaining customers cost less than acquiring new ones, but retention is also a trust signal that you know your customer base and its needs.
Many marketers and developers tend to prioritize user acquisition over retention which is a mistake. New users will add to their growth, but the app won’t sustain in the long run without an effective retention strategy.

In the first month after downloading, when users typically drop out of using an app, users who receive push notifications have a higher probability to continue using the app than those who do not. Additionally, users who see notifications also open those apps more often than those who don’t during their first month. This app engagement increases over time.

If you look at the retention numbers of gaming apps, you’ll see that they continue to show good retention results. Gaming apps allow user self-expression as they win rewards, achieve and compete. Such user actions are just what we need for engagement. Sure, not every app can be a game, but by introducing these game features into non-gaming apps, you can take your app engagement to a whole new level. This is a concept you definitely should think of.
How can you attach these game features to your app? Look at digital rewards and virtual currency, attach them to gift cards or points that can be used to purchase different products. Email and push notification are also can be used for these purposes
Coupons and promo codes are a few other methods that can be used to lure users, especially by E-commerce apps.

So as a conclusion, you, as a marketer\developer need to identify those various points in your app that keep your users away, and resolve or diminish them so your user stays with your app for as long as possible.

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