Facebook ads optimization for a successful app install ad campaign

1) Precise Targeting
Targeting is what makes Facebook Ads so great and popular compared to other advertising platforms.Targeting simply means putting your ads in front of the right people, who will download, use, and spend money in the app. Facebook offers us a huge range of targeting options like demographics, interests, behaviors.
Here’s how you can improve Facebook App Install Ad targeting:
Define who your perfect user is. You can do it through analytics or market research. You need to really get specific about what your most valuable app users look like. That will make targeting 10 times more effective.Then, use demographic targeting to find them. Narrow down the demographic targeting as much as you can.
In addition, there’s a nice trick for you – target users who are interested in your competitors. Interest targeting also allows you to target people based on products or services that they like. That means that you can often target people based on them being interested in a particular app.

2) Select a beautiful image or video for your ad
The image or video that you use is going to be the first thing people see and it should get the attention of your ideal user. Don’t apply the same strategies to all apps. Once you start looking at competitors you will notice that particular techniques work better for particular app categories. Find out what works best for your category.
Don’t use low-quality images so people don’t get the impression that your app is low-quality too. Better use something bright, interesting and just eye-catching.

3) Have a great text
So, the image has already captured attention. Now your text should convince that person to click on the ad. After looking at your app install ad’s image or video, the next thing people do is read the ad title and body text. You need to tell about the most appealing features of your app in as few words. So, think about what features appeal to your audience most and tell them about those features as short as possible. Don’t overuse capitals and always include a call to action.

4) Make sure that your app’s page is great looking
After clicking on your ad people are taken to your app’s store page. Here you should optimize your icon, title, description, screenshots so you could have the best impression on your user. But also, remember about the importance of your app’s average rating. The average rating is displayed in both the Facebook Ad, and on the App Store page. Having a 4 or 5 star average rating will have a positive effect on your ad campaigns because people love social proof. If someone sees an ad for your app with a 5 star rating shown below, they are much more likely to click.

5) Test all the different strategies you have
To find the best solution for your app promotion you should never stop testing different images, videos, texts, targeting strategies etc. Take your time. Start with a small budget, analyze the data that you get from the reports and then figure out what works best for you personally.

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Good luck!

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