Boost your app’s organic visibility in 2018

The competition in App stores is huge. When a new trend or idea appears, chances are a lot of apps already use it. So how do you make your own app stand out?

ASO or App Store Optimisation is the process of optimizing an app in order to increase its number of downloads. But how do you do that?

Here is your 2018 ASO checklist for Google Play Store:

✔ Title: the title can be up to 50 characters. The keywords used in the title are also indexed by the Google algorithm.

✔ Short description: you can add some keywords to it but it’s not as important as in the title or long app description.

✔ Long description: Use long-tail keywords, include your main hight-competition keywords. Repeat them 3-4 times (not more than 5 times if the description is long). Keep in mind that your sentences should still make sense and be pleasant to read (don’t stuff keywords everywhere just to reach the ideal density).

✔ Screenshots, app icon, promo video : The general goal is to focus on high quality & simple design in line with your app’s visual identity. It’s highly advised to use high-quality screenshots of your apps with short sentences to explain the features. Videos should be short, with zero narration/sound (they’ll be muted so since you can’t rely on voice to explain, focus on something else).

✔ Rating & reviews : good rating & reviews improve conversion because users are more likely to download well-rated apps, and a high conversion has a positive influence in your ranking position.
Finally, bear in mind that the app ecosystem is dynamic : it’s constantly evolving. Adapt by watching what your competitors are doing, following trends and seasonality and updating your app’s version and metadata regularly.

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