You can not just list all the keywords on Google Play. Google Play’s algorithm is similar to Google’s web algorithm, where search results are influenced by keywords in the title and description. Therefore, to begin with, you need to do the research on the keywords.
The name of the Google Play app is limited to 30 characters. The name should be understandable to the user and contain a relevant search phrase.
Your app’s description is limited to 4000 characters, which is much larger than in the App Store. A well-known practice is the repetition of the target keyword in the description 4-5 times, which can raise the rating by 10-20 positions. It is very important to clearly explain app’s functionality and its benefits.
An attractive icon is needed in high resolution. Naturally, the first to put the most interesting and attractive screenshots and necessarily add a description on each screenshot. Do not forget about localization.
A video is a must have, because it’s more catchy than the screenshots. It will be displayed in the first position in the web version, or in the fiche on the mobile phone. Take care of the user’s precious time: it’s better to make the video short – from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Try to present the most interesting app’s features at the beginning of the video to catch the user on the hook.
Google Play has a more sophisticated ranking algorithm than the App Store. It is difficult to determine all factors affecting the rating, but here are the main ones:
– Number of evaluations;
– Number of installs;
– An increase of installs for the last 30 days;
– The number of deletions;
– A frequency of use;
– Links to the app on Google Play;
Feedback and ratings are critical for apps. They are needed to be higher in the ranking and to convince the user that the app is of high quality. This applies to any app store, but especially for Google Play. You have the opportunity to respond to user feedback right in the developer console, and most likely the negative evaluation will be changed to a positive one.
Will this not spoil the user experience? First, ask the question: «Do you like the app?». If the user answered «yes», then you can ask to leave a good tip. By the way, collecting feedback is extremely useful.
The number of users and the number of deletions of the app is another ranking factor. This means that it is very important to keep the users who installed the application. Many developers tend to encourage long-term user participation. There is a possibility to send a push notification because on Android this is a definitely chosen option.
ASO is an inexpensive method for increasing the rating of an application when you do not have a budget. After completing all the tips and in-depth research on keywords, you can challenge large companies.
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