What underlies the success of each brand? And what is important to consider when creating your original app?

Briefly, there are 5 main points:
– The right definition of your place on the market;
– Choose the target audience;
– An right assessment and identification of strengths;
– ASO;
– The app’s name should be easily recognizable;

It will be necessary to answer the question of how you see the app after 1, 5 or 10 years. What goods and services will stand behind it? Perhaps you have to think about creating a brand for each market separately. Learn the goods or services, the companies you will have to compete with. It is necessary to understand what channels are used to promote the brand, what is the difference between competitors. In the end, the brand is created not for its owners, but for end-users. And the better the niche is studied, the less likely it will be to fail.

– Is it a man or a woman?
– Mobile 30 or over 50?
– What is he interested in?
– What kind of lifestyle leads?
The more accurate the description, the more likely it is to guess what the consumer needs and how it can be attracted. Therefore, avoid “simple solutions” and deprive the client of individuality. After all, the product or service of your brand will be suitable for everyone and anyone at the same time.

You can not be “another one” brand, users will not be attracted because of that. It is necessary to differ, and significantly. Are competitors more conservative in promoting and behavior in the market? Offer the consumer another experience, which may even go beyond the niche.

Despite the diversity and choice, a lot of developers continue to develop icons the same way. But once choosing a logo, colors and fonts remain true to them afterward. Create a brand that will accurately indicate:
– Colors for each of the important elements;
– Fonts for the name and meaningful elements.

While creating your original product, the important phrase is “How do you call a ship, so it will float”. You do not need to be afraid to invent something new, even for an app that can already be reminiscent of a well-known product. But you should always remember that the name should always be on your ear, easy to remember and interesting. The main point of success for all known apps with millions of installs – is a good name.

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