How Can you Find the Best Keywords for your App?

Right now you will know everything!

A good keyword strategy is a key to success in Google Play. 
Because most organic traffic comes from top rank positions for popular keywords (apart from ranks in popular categories, those are two different things).
You should think about your keywords before the app launch! 
If you place good relevant keywords in your app description, you have more chances to rank for those keywords and then to promote them.
Okay, so how to find the best keywords?
You have a few options here:
1) Use an aso tool. For example Sensortower, ASOdesk, Appannie, TheTool
Here you can check your competitor’s keywords, get keyword suggestions specially for your app and see the keywords your app is currently ranked for.
2) Use’s ‘My keywords’ section
Here you can add new keywords, see your current rank, get keyword suggestions based on the keywords you add. Our service is very easy to use!
3) Brainstorm keywords yourself
What interests your target audience? What words could they type in while looking for such app etc? Add all that you come up with to a chosen aso tool.

What about keyword types? Short-tail.. Long-tail…

Short-tail keyword: is the most frequently used keywords. They are simple and easy. For example: “maps” or “photo editor”.
Long-tail keyword: are long and more specific keyword phrases (usually contain 3-5 words). For example: “offline maps of Paris” or “instagram portable photo editor”.

You should research your app’s keywords and create your own semantic core. This is the essential part of ASO.

Semantic core is a set of keywords (key phrases) that describes an application in the clearest way possible and from all possible sides. For example: for an application with Paris Maps you should take:
Map of paris
Paris map
Offline map of paris
Free offline paris map

The right chosen semantic core is the key to your target user. If you already have an application check out the right keywords in your Google Play developer console acquisitions reports section.

Select the best and most popular keyword in your niche for your app’s title. Don’t neglect this step! Choose your app’s name wisely.

The selection of keywords is only an initial stage in progress, but without it, you won’t achieve your goals.

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