5 Ways For Free Promotion Of Mobile Applications

Research by the international consulting company Bain & Co showed that an increase in customer retention of 5% could increase the company’s profit by 75%. Incredible numbers, isn’t it? And all this can be achieved using a mobile application. Many people are mistaken and believe that by creating an application and publishing it in the AppStore and the Play Market, this marketing element will immediately start working at full capacity. It is necessary to promote the channel and it is not necessary to spend a lot of money for this and organize a powerful advertising campaign. We have prepared 5 ways of free promotion, which will not take you much time, but a significant increase in the number of users and downloads.


If you already have your own website, then it can become one of the biggest assets for promoting an application. Regular and new, interested in your services, customers must visit or visit your online resource. The site should have information about the new channel, as well as icons and a call for downloading a mobile application. It is also necessary to add a pop-up window to the mobile version of the site with a call to download the application, since it is much more convenient to use it than the mobile version of the site.

Information about the new application should be present in virtually every marketing channel, and, of course, e-mail newsletter is no exception. In each letter to regular or potential customers, whether it is information about new products, promotions or order confirmation, there should be a link to the Play Market and the App Store. As soon as the mobile application is available for download using the customer base, notify them about it. Here is an example of what your letter might look like:

Our new mobile application, (insert the name of the application here), will help you (specify what your client can do in the application, describe the main advantages). Click here (insert buttons on app stores) to check it out!

Do not rely solely on the Play Market and the App Store. Of course, they are the most visited and popular sites. But, there are still many app stores in which you can upload your own. Perhaps they are less popular, but this does not prevent them from giving a good result. According to research, if the application is presented in other, less popular stores, it will increase its download by 200% compared with Google Play.

Here are some good app stores you can work with:

Opera Mobile Store;
Amazon Appstore;


Before downloading a mobile application, many buyers read product reviews. Popular and downloadable are those channels about which the store left the most reviews. How to get positive recommendations for a new and previously unknown application? Ask your friends and acquaintances to leave feedback on the application, and for customers you can come up with a promotion asking you to leave a review for a bonus. A large number of comments will increase the credibility of your application among those who doubt whether to download it or not.


According to statistics, modern consumers get most of the information here. Surely you have groups in the most popular social networks, such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Vkontakte. Take advantage of them, make thematic news posts in groups, report on the new application, introduce its advantages and draw attention to the new product. So you can increase your brand awareness and the number of downloads of the application.

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