What’s trending in mobile? Your product management tips

Mobile product management field advances every year. New customer needs and expectations appear and so as new tricks to satisfy them. Let’s see what’s trending now and how we can improve our product management.

1.User expectations are complicated but are the first thing you should keep your attention to. Your customers expect their experience to look good and be meaningful. So track your customer sentiment to know what’s currently going on in your app. Here’s what you can do:
Give your users the opportunity for open-ended feedback rather than just ratings and reviews.
Monitor your brand’s social channels and community comments; encourage easy, direct customer feedback across your entire digital experience.

2. In-app payments
In-app payment options are more secure and remove the need for consumers to carry plastic cards around wherever they go, so it’s no surprise many customers choose this way to pay. If your company doesn’t allow for mobile payment in your current experience, consider adding it as soon as possible. This will improve your app significantly!

3. Retention
Not only does retaining customers cost less than acquiring new ones, it’s also a signal of how well your customer experience is being received, which is typically tied to how well a mobile product is doing, and that is your personal business success. Now more than ever before, it’s critical to put retention at the top of your mobile PM metrics list in order to lower costs, shift the focus to building instead of fixing, and to ultimately build a better product.
* Give customers a reason to come back through new content, in-app promotions, flash sales, and more.

4.Mobile augmented reality
After the sensational splash of Pokemon Go made last summer, mobile augmented reality is one of the biggest mobile expectation this year. Some of the best in-app ar experiences have pushed boundaries within their industries that have set them up for massive recognition.

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