Case Study №20 +32 positions in rank

It’s been a while since we’ve we posted our case studies. We need to change that! A lot of people keep asking us if keyword promotion is still effective, how does it work and other related questions. Our answer is – absolutely yes! Keyword promotion is still effective as before no matter what algorithm changes Google Play did. So to prove that to you, we decided to share with you one of our successful promotions of this month.  This is a simple order, but with a great result. So let’s take a look!

The keyword that we boosted is ‘cash flow’. The total number of installs was 190. All keyword installs were delivered in 1 day.

The app went up 32 positions higher! Please remember that the higher you move in rank the more installs you need to boost further. Top positions require more installs because the competition here is higher. 

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