Qualitative analytics: How it can help you improve your app

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Qualitative Analytics are the solutions that provide you with tools like user session recordings and touch heatmaps. It can be a neccessary tool when you are trying to understand your users’ behavior and the reasons behind their actions. So, Qualitative Analytics solution will not only save you hours of data analysis, but will also allow you to uncover UX/marketing/performance issues you didn’t even know existed.

Qualitative analytics vs numerical data

Many product managers and mobile marketers nowadays use quantitative analytics solutions (numerical data) to track their efforts and KPIs. These solutions are actually not that good. Numerical data can tell you that something’s happening, typically on an aggregate level, but it will never be able to tell you why.

Your quantitative analytics solution will tell you, for example, that your login screen has a 50% quit rate, which is important to know, but you have no idea why this is happening.

Qualitative Analytics, on the other hand, is all about understanding the user’s behavior.

Look at these useful tools it will provide you:

  • User session recordings – user recordings are one of the cornerstones of qualitative app analytics. They give you the opportunity to see exactly what your users’ journey looks like in your mobile app. Every tap, swipe, and action of every screen is recorded, allowing you to gain instant insights on your app’s user experience. This includes users’ interaction with in-app ads notifications and in-app messages, allowing mobile marketers to easily optimize their marketing or monetization initiatives.

Appsee user session recording

  • Touch heatmaps – this tool aggregates all the data on various gestures used to interact with an app (taps, double-taps, swipes, pinches, etc.). This data is then presented visually, as a heatmap, on a layer placed over the actual app. That way, it becomes easy to literally see where people are interacting with the app and in what frequency.

Appsee touch heatmap

Look exactly where users interact with the screen and when/where their gestures are unresponsive! This can greatly improve your in-app optimization. You will also be able to see how users interact with your in-app notifications, banners or messages? Isn’t it just great!

Unlike numerical data, tools like user session recordings will allow you to observe users’ interaction within your app on an individual level, and touch heatmaps will allow you to uncover usability issues. These will make it easier and quicker for you to learn about users’ behavior and preferences, definitely more than analyzing numerical data.


In addition to ad optimization, Mobile marketers and developers can (and should) utilize Qualitative Analytics’ session recordings to observe users’ interaction with the various marketing campaigns they’re running.

Think about it this way – with numerical data, you know that your CTR rate, for example, is 30%, but you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. With session recordings, you can literally see exactly how users react to and interact with your in-app messaging, referral programs, banners, etc. Is it the placement that’s killing your CTR? Or perhaps it’s banner’s color, size or text? Time to find out.

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Qualitative analytics is about understanding the users’ behavior, stepping into their shoes and experiencing the product just like they do. This allows mobile marketers to uncover issues with their in-app ads they were not aware of, and see how users interact with their in-app campaigns (push, messaging, banners, etc.). Qualitative analytics has become the standard for many successful apps, so ehy not to try it for yourself and see how it will improve your own app?

Source: appsee