Tips To Increase Your App’s Conversion Rate

ASO has two major levels: keyword optimization – which mostly impacts your app’s visibility and impressions – and conversion rate optimization – which has a direct impact on your installs.

There are several factors that can directly impact your app’s conversion rate.

1.Get more Reviews and Ratings

Both your app’s average rating and its number of reviews have an impact on its conversion rate. Users will less likely download an app that has bad reviews.

If your average rating is low, you definitely want to improve it, that should be on your top priority list.

2.Design Eye-Catching App Creatives

If you look at your app’s metadata, the visual elements are those with the biggest impact on your conversion rate.

First the app icon. The icon is the visual element that will help users recognize your app among search results.

Second, the App Preview or Promo Video.A good app preview will draw the users’ attention to your app among others.

Finally, the App Screenshots. Your app’s screenshots will give users a first idea of your app’s look and feel. Good screenshots will highlight the most important features of an app and make users want to discover more

3.Improve your Category Ranking

When you view an app’s profile, both Apple and Google show the app’s ranking in its category. This can have an impact on your conversion rate: the higher your rank, the better you will be perceived by users and the more likely they will download your app.

4.Optimize your Promo Text and Long Description

Finally, the promo text (Apple App Store) and the Long Description (App Store & Play Store) also play a role. Although these elements aren’t the ones that users see at first, they can have an impact on the conversion rates. The Description of your app gives further details of what your app does and what are its major features. This is where you can convince a hesitant user to download your app. Be as clear as possible: use line breaks, short sentences, small paragraphs, bullet points, symbols, etc. The point is to be easy to read!

Remember the Description is only indexed on the Play Store. Make sure the keywords you use are relevant so that your app also appears among their search results. 

Let’s sum this up!

Optimizing your app’s conversion rate

You now have all the elements in hand to start optimizing your app’s conversion rate:

  • Increase your average rating, read through the negative ones to learn how to improve your score.
  • Make sure that your creatives are enticing and make your app stand out.
  • Closely monitor your category ranking vs. your competition.
  • Work on your App Description and Promo Text to give further details on your app and convince users to install it.

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