Your Loyal Users and What Keeps Them Coming Back to Your App

What is a loyal app user? Let’s say, it’s somebody who has launched the app more than five times. These users are the ones who have turned your app into a part of their day-to-day life; whether they launch it once a day or once a week, or whether they prefer one feature over others or use each and every one.
Analyzing your loyal user base can help you understand the features of your app that are already successful and the ones that still need work. Such things as surveys, emails, loyalty programs, and user reviews can reveal your users’ experience of the app but  they can take a long time to collect, read, and analyze. A quick and easy-to-use solution is app analytics, especially qualitative analytics. With a qualitative app analytics tool, you can review your loyal users’ session recordings on your app.

How do your users interact with your app?

The magic of qualitative analytics allows you to watch your loyal users in action. This shows you how they use the app and how long they spend in it — providing answers to all of your “whys”. User session recordings show exactly how each and every user experiences the app — every tap and every swipe. By looking at an analysis of each and every screen — screens with usability issues, screens with high user engagement, or screens with a high quit rate — you can see which session recordings deserve your attention. This way you can start to understand which features users love, what they’re looking for, and what keeps them engaged.

What do they like?

Ask yourself such questions: What features do you love about your favorite app? What are the features you use every day? Are there features that you love more than others? Similarly, these are questions that you should ask about your users and your app. Qualitative analytics can help you answer these questions. User flows and navigation paths break down each user’s journey on the app, what screens they use most, and how they get to them. Another amazing tool as touch heatmaps shows what areas of each screen get the most attention and interaction. Qualitative analytics brings all of these tools to life with user session video recordings, zooming in on each user journey for a close, intimate look at your user base.

How often do your users interact with your app, and how?

A perfect scenario is when the app has become a part of the users’ routine. A good app analytics tool will include an action cohorts feature to enable you to learn more about any user who returns to your app and performed certain actions in a given time frame. Action cohorts help you understand how often users return your app in a given time frame. If your users failed to return to your app, you can see video recordings of their sessions to gain valuable insights into user retention.

However, retention is only the tip of the iceberg for action cohorts.  There are also such questions like: How many users started their onboarding, quit the app, and never came back? How often are users viewing videos on your app, or making in-app purchases? How many users started to fill their shopping cart and came back a week later to complete their purchase? With action cohorts, you can get answers to these questions, and see how the statistics change over time.

Try fixing usability issues to exceed your loyal users’ expectations

Users download your app because they want to become loyal users. From that point onwards, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your users encounter an easy, streamlined, and bug-free product. Otherwise, your potentially loyal users will eventually give up and abandon the app. By using a crash analytics solution and analyzing short sessions with a qualitative lens, you can figure out what is causing your loyal users to leave.

Use this complex approach and you will definitely succeed to keep and attract more users to your app!

Source: medium.appsee