Top App Store Optimization Agencies 2018

There are two major ways of how people discover and install mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets. It’s either via advertising of any sort or via search on an app store. App installs that are obtained via app stores built-in search are called organic app installs.

If you, as an app marketer, are’t taking full advantage of organic app installs, you’re missing a great deal on your best app users. An organic install is more valuable because it’s based on people’s clear intent to find and install a certain app to serve a specific need, which isn’t the case when he is exposed to an ad.  It’s a higher quality customer relationship from the get-go. In short, discoverability matters. And the best way to get noticed in a crowded app store is through app store optimization (ASO) – a process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. So, how do you apply ASO techniques? Can you do it on your own, using App Store Optimization Tools or you’ll be better off to leave it to the experts?

Consider this number – more than 90% of an average app’s installs are organic, according to a report by TUNE. This is where app store optimization services and agencies can help.

ASO specialists say, app store optimization is a continuous process; that you must research, test and iterate to keep up with the competition. And, as app stores continues to grow and hence the completion grows as well, it’s going to get a lot more complex. Some commentators predict ASO will morph into App Marketing Optimization (AMO), covering all areas of an app marketing funnel. Today, experts say app store optimization must go beyond keywords. It’s about understanding the user intent and measuring their response, to uncover what works and what doesn’t. It implies factoring in all elements of an app marketing copy to attract and retain app users.

As ASO evolves, a number of app store optimization trends have emerged. Since 2013, when Google announced it would start indexing deep app content, mobile apps increasingly replace mobile web in search results. This means, if your app’s content appears in Google search results, and the user has your app installed they’ll have the option to click through and view the content directly in the app. If they don’t have your app installed they’ll be directed to the app store listing for it. Through app indexing, marketers can use deep linking to drive downloads and boost ASO rankings; essentially closing the gap between SEO and ASO.

A/B testing, yet another ASO technique, has also taken off in the mobile app world. App marketers are now conducting real-time examinations of app store icons, descriptions, keywords and screenshots to discover how they affect traffic to their app. A/B testing is a powerful process that helps you find your best converting app store content and optimize your ASO strategy.

The past few years have seen a huge increase in ASO-savvy agencies and service providers able to power ASO and help app developers scale their apps. So if you want to free up your time to concentrate on creating great apps, check out our list of the top app store optimization agencies for 2017.

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Note: the companies on the list we’ve complied below are not in any priority order

Our ASO Services list:

The ASO Project

The ASO Project is a performance-based app store optimization service for app developers. Founded in 2014, by mobile and desktop organic search experts, the company provides full-service ASO to maximise app downloads. They perform keyword analysis using proprietary technology, title analysis, app icon visibility and more, to boost app discoverability and downloads.

  • Key ASO services: search visibility improvement, conversion optimization, content marketing, PR, link building, search ad management
  • Tagline: Premium App Store Optimization Services
  • Offices: USA: Los Angeles, Chicago and San Diego

Hot trends in ASO: panel discussion at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2015 featuring Blake Pollack, CMO at The ASO Project.


Gummicube is an App Store Optimization and mobile marketing company. It applies big data analytics to help mobile apps to find their audience. In the heart of the services it provides is DATACUBE® – the SaaS platform that provides businesses access to real-time mobile market intelligence, consumer trends and competitive insights to grow their mobile audience.

  • Key ASO services: App Store Optimization, App Reviews & Ratings, Focus Groups and Analytics software.
  • Tagline: We’re dedicated to helping your mobile app find its audience.
  • Offices: San Jose, US

Panel Discussion: Hot Topics ? In App Marketing



Phiture is a mobile growth consultancy agency that offers growth audits and ASO advice to app developers and marketers. Based in Berlin, they help businesses analyse their mobile growth strategy and provide advice on user acquisition topics including app store optimization, viral loops, and retention.

Phiture owner and ex-growth expert at Soundcloud, Moritz Daan, offers a specialized workshop on how to get your app to show up in search results. He’ll help get you set-up with keyword suggestions and tracking, A/B test your app store assets, and offer advice on localizing your app to acquire more organic users and make them stick.

  • Key ASO services: specialized ASO workshop, localization, and A/B testing
  • Tagline:  From the creators of the Mobile Growth Stack
  • Offices: Berlin (Germany)

Moritz Daan presents at the App Promotion Summit London 2014: Driving mobile growth through app store optimization.



PickASO is an app marketing solution for companies, developers and agencies. Born in December 2013 and based in Barcelona, PickASO was one of the first ASO agencies in Spain. They specialise in app marketing and product strategy, ASO strategy and app indexing, user acquisition and app content marketing. Their experienced team will help you develop an ASO strategy to drive more organic installs.

  • Key ASO services: Strategy, visibility (ASO, app indexing), acquisition and content
  • Tagline: ASO and app marketing agency
  • Offices: Barcelona (Spain)

The app store optimization manual 2016 by PickASO.

Redbox Mobile


Redbox Mobile is a mobile marketing and app store optimization agency. Founded in 2013, the UK-based company helps developers and marketers increase their app’s rankings, downloads and revenue. Redbox Mobile will analyze your app’s performance in the app store and direct changes to optimize your app store assets. Their impressive list of global clients includes Vodafone, Universal, Tesco, and Virgin.

  • Key ASO services: strategy, app store and competitor analysis, optimize your app store assets including video and screenshots.
  • Tagline: App store optimization and search ads specialists.
  • Offices: Hungerford and London (UK).

The Launch of the Blackbox Platform

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a global mobile marketing agency that covers a full spectrum of marketing services. The agency helps brands that go mobile to achieve maximum of what mobile can deliver for their business. Yodel Mobile provides App Store Optimization service as part of their Fit to Market package.

  • Key ASO services: App store listings, images, videos and reviews optimization
  • Tagline: Global and local marketing expertise for mobile driven businesses
  • Offices: London, UK

Yodel Mobile – Fit to Market



Mobtimizers is a mobile and app optimization agency founded in 2014. Their ASO specialist team helps you strengthen your brand, enhance customer reviews, improve usability and increase your app’s visibility and downloads. Mobtimizers take an analytical approach to provide clear insights for ASO. They can guide you through the process of keyword selection, improving your app store description and visuals, and tracking the impact of your efforts.

  • Key ASO services: App analytics, keyword research and tracking, optimizing visuals
  • Tagline: Mobile and app optimization agency
  • Offices: Copenhagen (Denmark), New York (USA)

How to optimize the mobile experience by Brian Egerup Kjærulff, CEO and Co-founder of Mobtimizers.

Dynamo Partners


Dynamo Partners is a boutique consulting firm specialising in mobile marketing and apps. Founded in 2014, their team of entrepreneurs have over 20 years of marketing experience combined. Dynamo Partners agency advises app developers and marketers on mobile app user acquisition, media planning, localization, mobile SEO, and app store optimization. Their user-focussed approach means, along with keyword suggestions and competitor analysis, they can provide advice on localizing your app store assets to acquire more users.

  • Key ASO services: app store optimization, localization, analytics and retention
  • Tagline: N/A
  • Offices: Berlin and Cologne (Germany)

SEO, ASO and CRO for Mobile Apps. Presented by Stefan Bielau, Managing Partner at Dynamo Partners, at TargetSummit Moscow 2016.

ASO Agency

ASO Agency provides app store optimization services for developers, startups and mobile marketers. Founded in 2014, ASO Agency uses accurate mobile data to improve app store optimization and increase quality users.

They carry out in-depth keyword research and analysis to find target keywords that will increase your app’s discoverability and installs. ASO Agency also offers live focus groups for A/B and multivariate testing your creative. These insights highlight the combination that will deliver the best results.

  • Key ASO services: ASO training, ASO audit
  • Tagline: App Store Optimization Services
  • Offices: New South Wales, Australia

Who is Behind the ASO Agency?

The ASO Co


The ASO Co aims to optimize App Store listings for businesses to improve their apps organic search visibility, increase installs number and gain an advantage over their competitors. Founded in 2015, by James Bott and Thomas Twigg, ASO Co’s experienced team provides a global app store optimization, app strategy and management service. They use proprietary app store data for optimization and look at search behaviors in each territory to improve your app’s visibility and conversion within each app store. On average The ASO Co’s clients see a 20-40% increase in organic installs.

  • Key ASO services: localization, conversion optimization, app store optimization, mobile strategy, creative, market research, competitor analysis, tracking, mobile acquisition, mobile retention, product development, ui/ux, and A/B testing
  • Tagline: Refining Mobile Optimization
  • Offices: London (UK)

The ASO .Co App Store Optimization agency


Moburst is a full-service mobile marketing agency that helps companies grow their mobile business. Founded in 2014, by Gilad Bechar and Lior Eldan, Moburst’s experienced team combine creative thinking, advanced technology and data to connect brands with loyal users.

The agency’s app store optimization service will uncover the best way to improve your app’s visibility in the app store. They’ll analyze your app marketing to discover what’s working and what isn’t, optimize your app store assets to boost ranking, and monitor your app store analytics to direct your strategy. Moburst uses proprietary tech solutions – Research Aggregator and Proprietary Engine to compile data from leading ASO tools and derive insight from and monitor millions of keywords respectively.

  • Key ASO services: Audit and analysis, keyword research, optimization of visuals, app store analytics and ongoing support.
  • Tagline: Using Technology & Experience to Get Your App Noticed.
  • Offices: New York (USA) and Ra’anana (Israel).

App store optimization by Moburst – tip #1: keyword research will improve your ranking.

Dot Com Infoway


Dot Com Infoway is a mobile app development and marketing company. Its mobile solutions portfolio includes app consultation, iOS and Android app development, mobile app and game marketing. The company provides App Store Optimization as a part of their Pre-Launch Marketing plan.

  • Key ASO services: Keyword analysis & optimization
  • Tagline: Mobile User Acqui
  • Offices: Tamil Nadu, India, New York, US.

Mobile App Marketing Company – Dot Com Infoway



Miratrix is a London-based app store optimization agency that helps app developers drive high quality and high volume downloads. Founded in 2012, by Nick Duddy, Miratrix can help you put together a comprehensive app marketing plan to reach your goals. They provide competitor and market analysis, keyword research, app store page optimization, and will examine reviews and user experience to boost your app store visibility.

  • Key ASO services: App audit and analysis, keyword research, optimization of app store assets, and reviews.
  • Tagline: Organic App Marketing & App Store Optimization
  • Offices: London (UK).

Nick Duddy, Founder of Miratrix, talks about their App Review Mining Tool and App Page Conversion Rate Optimizition to help ASO.

App Marketing Agency


App Marketing Agency is a Germany-based app marketing and mobile advertising agency with 7+ years of experience.  Its services portfolio spans across App Marketing, Mobile Performance Marketing and Mobile Display Advertising.

  • Key ASO services: All app marketing copy components optimization
  • Tagline: Engagement-Driven Mobile & App Marketing
  • Offices: Berlin, Germany

App Marketing Agency


Appromoters combines app marketing agency and mobile ad network under the same roof. The company champions transparency via providing full insight into app marketing process, invest in building its own ad network and committed to keep an open communication with clients.

  • Key ASO services: All app marketing copy components optimization
  • Tagline: People-centered ad solutions
  • Offices: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Santa Monica, US

Appromoters app marketing agency


AppAgent is a mobile app marketing agency. It’s been driven by a team of experts in various mobile product and app marketing fields. The agency provides a number of app marketing services such as pre-market analytics, appon boarding optimization, paid traffic as well as ASO. The AppAgent served a number of mobile app studios and app startups, among its clients are Wooga, Malwarebytes, BNP Paribas, or CI Games.

  • Key ASO services: App Store / Play Store optimization
  • Tagline: Mobile Marketing Experts Available For Hire
  • Offices: Prague, Czech Republic


ToroGrowth is a mobile app marketing agency that offers developers a broad spectrum of marketing services, including App Store Optimization. Its team has an expertise in running mobile app user acquisition campaigns with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, AdColony and others users acquisitions platforms.

  • Key ASO services: App Store and Google Play ASO, app copy A/B testing
  • Tagline: AERM – Acquire – Engage – Retain – Monetize
  • Offices: Wroclaw, Poland

The SpecialistWorks


the specialistworks is an app marketing agency that provides a number of mobile app marketing services, both online and offline. To compete in the highly competitive app marketing field, the company bets on using old-school marketing channels in conjecture with latest cutting-edge digital app marketing ones. The agency was recently awarded by The Drum.

  • Key ASO services: App icon testing, app download page testing, category analysis, keywords analysis, competitor analysis, app description review, app rating advice, app name suggestion, iOS and Google Play ASO strategy
  • Tagline: Performance-Driven Media Planning & Buying
  • Offices: New York & Atlanta, US, Bonn, Germany, East Sussex, Somerset, Kent and London, UK

App Masters

App is a mobile app marketing agency run by Steve P. Young. Over the course of last several years, Steve has been a prominent figure in the app marketing field, among many hats he wears, he is the host of a popular podcast. There is one service that the agency provides that stands above the rest – App Store Feature, in a nutshell it is a patent marketing technique to feature a mobile app to the Apple’s App Store editors team with high chances for the app to be featured that leads to high visibility.

  • Key ASO services: app name, keywords and app description optimization
  • Tagline: We are Growth Hackers Great at Driving Downloads Cost Effectively
  • Offices: Bay Area, US

Growfirst is a Germany-based app marketing agency that provides a number of app marketing services that are grouped into two major categories – visibility and conversion.

  • Key ASO services: app name, keywords and app description optimization
  • Tagline: Data-Driven App Marketing Agency
  • Offices: München, Germany


Moberest is a Spanish-based app marketing agency with a set of mobile app marketing services that are focused around a single aim – to help developer’s app to achieve visibility on app stores. The agency team champions a proactive marketing approach, that implies its involvement into an app development cycle from early stages to be able to build its marketing strategy effectively.

  • Key ASO services: app name, keywords and app description optimization
  • Tagline: Position your app on the top of App Stores
  • Offices: Barcelona, Spain


Appsposure is an app marketing agency that provides mobile app marketing shopping experience to developers. Essentially it  offers 7 marketing packages that bundle various services to meet specific needs and budget limitation.

  • Key ASO services: app name, keywords and app description optimization
  • Tagline: App Marketing Made Easy
  • Offices: Toronto, Canada


yellowHEAD is an Israel-based digital marketing agency with an expertise in mobile app marketing, web and social marketing, that is based on a combination of using a proprietary technology and having professional digital marketers in the team.

  • Key ASO services: keywords, title, name, description, short description optimization, app graphics analysis
  • Tagline: Engagement-Driven Mobile & App Marketing
  • Offices: Udim, Israel

Final thoughts

The App Store Optimization isn’t static, it continues to evolve as the major app stores – the iOS App Store and Google Play are being constantly updated with new features to improve mobile app users experience of using these stores. Search continues to play the major role as an app user acquisition channel and therefore App Store Optimization agencies team needs to keep their tabs on the latest updates to provide the best ASO service. We hope our ASO companies list will help you to choose the right app store optimization service for your app.

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