Our Rates and Reviews are back again!

Right now you can add reviews on Keyapp.top with your own texts. Use this opportunity to add keywords to your reviews.  

Please carefully read our terms! Reviews stay on your app’s page for 1-2 days, then Google will remove them. We don’t refund rates\reviews! So you use them at your own risk. Unfortunately, this problem is not just ours. A lot of other companies face such problem and still cannot figure out the solution.

But! Using removable  rates\reviews may help you increase your rank better, especially if you add keywords to them. We see that rank boost with reviews is more effective. But! Don’t add tons of them, everything should look natural.

Example #1: 100 installs + 15 rates + 5 reviews is good.
Example #2: 200 installs + 200 rates to new app or app without rates is bad.

Once again guys, please read our Terms of Use carefully. Try our rates\reviews if you want, and successful promotion to everybody!