How can i find the best keywords for my app?

This is a very popular question and a lot of people don’t know how to research and brainstorm their keywords. A lot even don’t know about keyword ranks and keyword paid promotion. So, these questions need to be answered for all of you : )

The best way to research your keywords is to use ASO services. Our favorites are Asodesk, Sensortower, The Tool. There are a lot of them so choose the one that suits you most. These services are great because you can track your competitors’ keywords there. This should be your first step in looking for good words for your app! After a good research on your competitors, you will probably have a long list of great keywords.
But don’t stop on this only!

Explore keyword combinations and their potential with tools like Google Adwords!

Skim the Reviews
Another way to find interesting keywords is analyzing your competitors’ positive reviews. Some ASO services have review analysis tools, matching keywords from reviews to the score users gave. The result is a list of features users liked the most about the app.

Brainstorm your keywords yourself! You have to consider all possible keywords and keyphrases that could lead to your app. A good list has around 1-2k keywords and keyphrases per language.
There you have it! This is a key point in good app promotion and successful app performance.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us!

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